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Trailer Towing Training

BARFORD, Norwich, Norfolk

Sutton Driving Towing training for trailer b+e licence

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What does the test consist of?
  • The test is taken at the LGV test center by a LGV examiner and last for about 70mins to 80mins

  • The first apart is done at the LGV test site and comprises of an:
    • eye sight check,
    • asked 5 questions about vehicle & trailer safety,

  • The manoeuvres (reversing & uncoupling) and driving could be performed in any order
    • reversing manoeuvre
    • uncoupling & re-coupling
    • drivinng on road, you will be expected to demonstrate a high level of competence, with emphasis on good mirror work, forward planning, all round observation, road positioning with consideration to other road users, and will involve a 10min session of independant driving
From January 2011 the controlled stop will performed on road, this will be performed immediately before the angled start.