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Trailer Towing Training

BARFORD, Norwich, Norfolk

Sutton Driving Towing training for trailer b+e licence

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  • Whether it's trailer or horse box, caravan or boat, etc. the Towing Training will be tailored to suit you.

  • As a rough guide, SuttonDriving has found that people who have some experience of towing and reversing need 1/2 to 1 days.

  • Those with no experience at all, could need possibly 2 or more days.

  • In order to find out your requirements SuttonDriving do a half-day assessment session of about 3 hours, 

  • During this time you will be taken through the off-road manoeuvres,  the reversing exercise and the unhitching/rehitching in some detail.

  • You will then spend the remaining time on the road, taking you   through a variety of road conditions.

  • As there is no theory test for b+e test, you will be taken through the questions related to towing.

  • At the end of this session the areas that need attention will be explained.

  • If further training is required, follow-up sessions will be arranged.

  • Waiting times for test vary, but are usually around 2-4 weeks, (sometimes may only be a few days).